The Art of Deer Hunting – All the Things that You Should Know

A lot of people use short ranges whenever they would like to hunt for deer. Some would still use the rifle but some are perfectly happy with the bow and arrow. It will depend on you which one you would rather use.

You need to have a lot of patience, skill, and perseverance so that you can hunt properly. Success can be a bit low especially when you are just a beginner. The more that you try to learn some tips and tricks, the better you will be at doing it.

The Art of Deer Hunting

What is the art of deer hunting? It will always depend on one hunter to another. Some people feel that the deer is still one of the most majestic animals that they have seen. To hunt a deer can truly be the honor that they have always wanted to get.

You cannot just go to the woods and hope that you will spot a deer. There are so many other things that are involved. You have to be prepared for the things that can happen. You may expect that you will get lucky so you will just look for a tree stand and wait there. What if the deer never goes to that area? You will leave the hunting trip empty-handed.

There are some things that you can remember so that deer hunting will be easier for you:

  • Your smell is one of the most important things that you have to mask. Deer cannot smell that you are around the area or they will try to get away. There are some items that you can purchase from hunting stores that will make your smell unrecognizable to the deer.
  • Make sure that your clothes will help you camouflage with nature. At the same time, make sure that your clothes do not smell like detergent or fabric softeners. Now is not the time to impress your mates with your smell. Being odorless right now will be a plus.
  • Remember to bring the right hunting gear with you depending on the weather. Do you know that one of the reasons why you may smell is because you are sweating too hard? You may think that wearing that camouflage is the best idea until you started sweating like crazy because of the extreme heat. Always consider the weather so that you can make the best choices while you are packing.
  • You can make the wind your friend or your enemy. This may be one of the things that you will find hard to master. Yet, the moment that you already know how to do it, you have a higher chance of hunting successfully.

There are still a lot of tips that can help you when you go deer hunting. Having the right tools and equipment with you will make a lot of difference.

The Best Rifle and Optics for Deer Hunting

Choosing the best rifle and optics can be a bit complicated. You can check online and be surprised because there are just so many available choices. It is easy to become overwhelmed. Just think about the things that you want to see in your rifle and optics. The more that you know what you are looking for, the easier it will be to narrow down your search.

These are some of the things that you need to consider:

  • Magnification
  • Scope Reticles
  • Quality
  • Price

The magnification will determine how much closer the target will be when you look through your scope. The higher the magnification, the more that you can feel like you are just near the animal. If you want to hunt animals at close range, a magnification between 1x to 4x will be ideal. If you have to shoot from a distance, you can choose a magnification between 9x to 12x.

The scope reticle will refer to the marking that you can see whenever you look through your scope. You will have your preference. The more that you like the reticles, the higher the chances that you can hit your target.


Some say that the higher the price of the rifle and optics, the better the quality. This is not always true which is why you should read reviews about the products that you want to buy. The more good and authentic reviews that you see, the better.

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