Some Tips to Follow for Coyote Hunting

As a hunter, you know that being a predator is one of the things that make you feel excited. There is just a great feeling of power that comes with looking for prey when you are out in the wilderness. For a moment, you may feel like you are alone even when you are with a group while you are hunting.

There are different reasons why you may be hunting:

  • You want to protect your livestock.
  • You want to keep your land safe from coyotes.
  • Hunting for fun is your hobby.

You just need to remember one thing before you continue reading, you just need to be patient while you are hunting. There will be good hunts and there will be bad ones. You need to be as prepared as possible.

Why People Prefer Coyote Hunting

You may have heard some people say that they like to make coyotes their prey. If you have not encountered coyotes before, the reasons may be enough to make you want to hunt for them at the soonest possible time:

  • There are a lot of diseases that are in farms that are spread by coyotes. Through the proper management of the coyote population, it can be avoided.
  • Other animals are killed by coyotes. Let us say that they would kill some animals that people usually hunt, the businesses that rely on hunters will not be able to gain any profit.
  • Some feel that coyotes can be their stepping stone to hunting for bigger animals. By hunting coyotes, they can learn to improve their shooting techniques. They may also learn how to keep quiet more often so that they will not stun the other animals.

Coyotes are also the choice of people who just want to hunt during the “between-season” hunting.

Where You Can Hunt for Coyotes at Night

You can increase your chances of catching coyotes when you hunt at night. This can be a challenge for most people. If you have not done any night hunting before, everything may be a blur to you.

It’s a good thing that products are being sold now to make the night hunting experience more fun and possible. You can check this link if you want to know more about the products that you need:

You should always scout the area during the daytime. It will give you a better view of the coyote prints that you want to follow. Expect that you will not see a lot of coyotes during the daytime. If you do see a few, they may not be worth hunting. The best ones can be hunted at night. Once again, you need to be patient to ensure that your hunting trip will be a success.

These are other tips that you can remember for a better coyote night hunting:

  • Do not disregard the direction and the strength of the wind. Whether you are using a rifle or a bow and arrow, you need to pay attention to the wind. You may end up trying to shoot a coyote and you will barely hit it. Look for the best place to hide with the wind in mind.
  • Always use your light to scan for coyotes in the evening. There are night vision scopes that will provide an ample amount of light. It will be just enough for you to see the coyotes. Make sure to do quick scans to lessen the chance of coyotes spotting you.
  • Eyeshine can be effective in helping you track your coyotes. You may think that you need to shine your light on the coyote so that you will see its full body. Things do not work out that way. You can look for coyote eyes that may be shining beneath the darkness. Positively identify that you are looking at a coyote before shooting.
  • Know how to judge the distance between you and the coyote at night. It can be confusing especially when it is your first time. The more that you hunt at night, the better you will be at determining distances. The more accurate your judgment is, the higher the chances that you are going to get your coyote.
  • The right items will make a difference. Going to the hunting grounds without preparing all the needed items will not make you prepared for the hunting war that you are going to have with coyotes. Make a checklist of the items that you need to hunt successfully at night.


Always look for places wherein hunting for coyotes is legal. Some make the mistake of hunting without any permits or any registration. This can be punishable by law. Always read up about the rules and requirements so that you can hunt for coyotes freely.

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