Activate The Hunt Podcast Episode 10

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One of the first hunts I tried outside of deer hunting was turkey hunting. I was in my first year of college and it had just recently been announced that the zone I hunted in in Minnesota, was going to have a turkey season again after many years of not having one. At this point in my life, I was looking for new ways to spend time hunting, so I quickly started researching how to hunt wild turkeys.

My main source of information at that time came from magazine articles and watching Primos Truth About Hunting on TV. I would spend all of my time outside of studying and classes learning everything I could about turkey hunting. I would say that today’s hunters are lucky to have so many more resources, like this podcast, to learn about different hunting methods and tactics.

Anyway, that spring, I ended up calling in a big Tom turkey and missed it with my bow. On the last day of the season, I hunted with my dad, and we had a memorable hunt together. We ended up calling in a big gobbler and my dad made a great shot! I’ll never forget the reaction we had!

On today’s episode, I have a great conversation with 3x grand national turkey calling champion and expert turkey hunter Scott Ellis. We cover many turkey hunting topics, including Scouting and location wild turkeys, how to setup after locating turkeys, calling tactics in different situations, the importance of learning how to call properly, and so much more!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Why turkey hunting is a good hunt for first-time hunters
  • Scott explains the process of a turkey hunt
  • How Scott got started as a hunter
  • What sparked Scott to get into turkey calling competitions
  • Scott explains how turkey calling competitions work
  • Scouting and locating wild turkeys
  • How you should set up after you’ve located turkeys
  • Scott’s go-to calling tactics in different situations
  • What turkey calls to use and learning how to use them
  • Explaining a turkey calling sequence
  • The importance of learning how to call properly
  • Scott’s philosophy for using turkey decoys
  • The best strategy to bring in a henned up gobbler
  • Scott’s favorite state to hunt wild turkeys and why

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