Activate The Hunt Podcast Episode 006

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Killing a Pronghorn Antelope is the goal for many first-time western hunters. With an abundance of the animal on western public lands, there’s a lot of hunting opportunity. I’m here to tell you, you’ll quickly be humbled by these magnificent, but elusive creatures. Antelope are very wary and can provide even the most experienced hunter with a formidable challenge, especially when bowhunting. But, that’s what draws many hunters to the western plains in search of this mighty speed goat!

My guest today, Jace Bauserman, gives his best tips, tactics, and information for hunting the “Prince of the Plains”. We go in-depth about the methods used for hunting antelope, how to scout for success, hunting on a budget, and his best advice for first-time antelope hunters.

Guest Introduction

Jace Bauserman is the Editor-In-Chief of Bowhunting World Magazine and the author of the book Bowhunting The Prince of the Plains. He’s also an accomplished bowhunter who has taken over 100 animals with archery equipment across North America and Canada and an extreme endurance athlete, competing in multiple ultra-marathons each year.

Jace is someone that I’ve looked up to for many years now. I’ve always appreciated his honest hunting advice and insight. You will enjoy this interview!

Show Highlights

  • Jace talks about his 100 mile mountain race and what he learned
  • Jace’s antelope hunting plans for 2017
  • Why Jace started antelope hunting
  • Jace talks about his first antelope hunt
  • Spot and stalk antelope hunting tips
  • Waterhole antelope hunting tips
  • Ground blind hunting tips
  • Importance of a hunting journal
  • Finding places to hunt for antelope
  • Tips for getting private land hunting access
  • Tips for hunting on a budget
  • Advice for first time antelope hunters

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