Activate The Hunt Podcast Episode 003

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For the past several years there’s been a movement towards eating locally grown and organic foods. This movement was started by individuals, that not only want to know what is going into their body, but also have a deep respect for the land we live on and our resources. As these individuals research and dig deeper to find the best sources for their food, they are finding out that hunting is much more than killing wild animals for an adrenaline rush — they are finding that it’s one of the best ways to feed their passion for an organic lifestyle.

My guest today, Josh Dahlke, talks about hunting for the purpose of killing your own food, the importance of understanding where your food comes from, his suggestion for how to get started as a hunter and the experience of butchering, packaging and eating wild game.

Guest Introduction

Josh, who grew up in a mostly urban area of the Twin Cities in Minnesota, was raised by parents who didn’t hunt. Eventually, he ventured out to the family farm in rural north-central Minnesota and was introduced to hunting by his uncles. He quickly found a passion for hunting wild food, which has continued to grow and evolve over the years.

Today, Josh is extremely passionate about hunting and creating valuable digital content for his online hunting show ’The Hunger’, but he’s even more passionate about helping people understand the benefits of hunting.

In this show, Josh will talk about the connection hunters have with the animals they kill and the organic food that comes from those animals, the importance of having an appreciation for everything in the outdoors, the experience of butchering, packaging and eating wild game and so much more… I know you’re going to get a lot of value from this interview!


Show Highlights

  • Josh’s introduction to hunting by his uncles
  • Growing up in an urban environment and making the transition to hunting
  • Hunting for the purpose of killing your own food
  • Understanding where your food/meat comes from
  • Josh’s inspiration for his web tv series ‘The Hunger’
  • Getting started in hunting by first coming to appreciate the experience of the outdoors
  • Appreciation for everything in the outdoors; nature, wildlife and hunting
  • Understanding and setting realistic hunting expectations
  • Forging your own path as a hunter
  • Connecting with hunters online and a sense of community
  • Tips and tools for finding places to hunt
  • Planning your hunt
  • Tips and suggestions for proper wild game care after a kill
  • Game processing tips, including tools to use; knives and coolers
  • The experience of butchering, packaging and eating wild game

Quotes To Remember

  • “I have absolutely zero issue with any form of hunting.” -Josh Dahlke   [Tweet This]
  • “I might be having a bad day, but this is a pretty beautiful place, this rock we live on. And that’s because of hunting.” -Josh Dahlke   [Tweet This]
  • “No matter where you live, even if you’re in New York City. Everbody’s a real short drive from being able to get out there.” -Josh Dahlke   [Tweet This]
  • “Put on a pair of boots, go find a trail somewhere and just blaze down it. Get out there!” -Josh Dahlke   [Tweet This]
  • “I can promise you. There’s plenty of hunters out there that want to share their knowledge.” -Josh Dahlke   [Tweet This]
  • “It matters what is going to make you happy, and what’s going to let you connect with the outdoors through hunting.” -Josh Dahlke   [Tweet This]
  • “Butchering an animal from start to finish… It should be a fun process. You shouldn’t look at it as a job.” -Josh Dahlke   [Tweet This]
  • “I believe hunting saved my life.” -Josh Dahlke   [Tweet This]

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