Activate The Hunt Podcast Episode 008

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Heading west to hunt the rugged backcountry is what many hunters think of when they hear the word adventure. There’s no doubt, that’s a dream hunt for all of us. But, you really don’t have to head west to find a great hunting adventure. You can do it anywhere! 
My guest today, Tim Endsley, talks about his journey as a do-it-yourself adventure bowhunter. From his start, honing his skills hunting on public land in his home state of Arkansas, to heading all over the midwest to live out of his truck and tent, testing his skills against mature whitetail deer. Tim explains that every hunt can be a true adventure if you want it to be. 


Show Highlights

  • Shane’s introduction to hunting
  • Expectations of hunting public land in the midwest
  • Finding public land to hunt and what to expect
  • Tips for scouting a public hunting area
  • Tips for using trail cameras as a hunting tool
  • Hunting equipment Shane uses and his strategy
  • Hunting apps and resources that are useful
  • Hunting strategies Shane uses during the season
  • Shane’s scent control strategy
  • Deer calling tips and strategy
  • Deer rattling tips
  • Public land hunting tips

Quotes To Remember

It got to be so time-consuming & involved that it was taking the fun out of it. -Shane SimpsonClick To Tweet

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